CommBank e-Kiosk

CommBank e-Kiosk is a service for individuals to open a savings account and / or to do Unsecured Personal Loan (CommBank KTA) and BizLoan loan completion. The service process at CommBank e-Kiosk in principle can be done independently by prospective customer.

  1. CommBank e-Kiosk Terms and Conditions:
    • Individuals who do not have an individual savings account at Commonwealth Bank.
    • Indonesian citizens evidenced by ownership of an identity, namely an electronic KTP.

  2. Benefits of CommBank e-Kiosk:
    • Can be found anywhere
      CommBank e-Kiosk located at each Commonwealth Bank branch office and various public areas in Indonesia making it easier for prospective customers to open accounts and / or perform loan completion anywhere through CommBank e-Kiosk.
    • Fast Process
      In just 10 (ten) minutes, you can get an active account, Debit card, and access to be able to use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Commonwealth Bank Cashflow
    • Easy and Hassle Free
      Only by bringing Electronic KTP, Tax ID and also including valid and active mobile phone number and personal e-mail address, prospective customer can open an account.

  3. Commbank e-Kiosk Features and Services:
    • Account Opening
      Customers who have never had an account at Commonwealth Bank and wish to become part of the Commonwealth Bank can open an account through CommBank e-Kiosk.
    • Facilities and Services
      Customers who have opened Commonwealth Bank account through CommBank e-Kiosk, can reissue Debit cards and / or activate Debit cards when problems occur during account opening process.
    • Completion of Loan Applications
      For Commonwealth Bank customers who have applied for Unsecured Personal Loan (CommBank KTA) and BizLoan through the website and have received approval from Commonwealth Bank, customers are required to visit CommBank e-Kiosk to complete the loan process as required.

  4. Facilities Obtained by opening an account through CommBank e-Kiosk
    • Debit Card
    • Mobile Banking and Internet Banking
    • Cashflow

  5. Product Risks
    If there is a failure in the Internet / Mobile Banking, Cashflow system, the bank system, and / or the system in the ATM Bersama and Prima network (system down / system error), then the customer can use other Commonwealth Bank service channels through the Commonwealth Bank branch.

Additional information:
For more information about opening an account through CommBank e-Kiosk, you can contact Call Commbank 15000 30/ 021 – 7917 6000  for local access or (62-21) 2935 2935 for international access.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions of CommBank e-Kiosk can be seen here.