Tabungan Bunga Harian



Free transaction fees for cash withdrawal at Bank Commonwealth ATMs, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima*.

Free fees for debit transactions at all merchants.

Easy account opening with initial deposit IDR500,000.

Easy, convenient and low fees when you save in Tabungan Bunga Harian (TBH) at Bank Commonwealth

Savings account opening with only IDR500,000.-.

Free Cash Withdrawal Fees
  • Free transactions fees for fund transfer at Bank Commonwealth ATMs.
  • Free cash withdrawal fees at ATM Bersama and ATM Prima up to 10 times per month if minimum average monthly balance is IDR10,000,000 and 5 times per month if average monthly balance is below IDR10,000,000.

Free Online Transfer Fees
Free online interbank transfer fees at BI-FAST via CommBank Mobile for 30x transactions per month with last month's average savings balance minimum of IDR10,000,000.

Free Debit Transactions Fees
Free debit transactions fees at all merchant using Debit Prima/BCA networks in Indonesia and Debit Mastercard networks abroad.

50% Discount on Mutual Fund Purchased
Purchase mutual fund fee through internet and mobile banking.

Name Fee
Initial balance IDR500,000
Minimum average balance IDR100,000
Monthly administration fee ** IDR10,000
Minimum average balance IDR100,000
Below minimum average balance fee IDR10,000
Account closure fee IDR100,000

Product Risks
Risks attached to TBH Savings Account are on fees and interest rates that subject to change and can be updated by Bank any time, any update will be informed through office branch, website or other media deemed appropriate by Bank.

Interest Calculation
The interest is calculated based on daily balance, in accordance with interest rate applied at Bank. The table of the interest is available here.

Product Validity
Product will be expired when customer or Bank close the account.

* The terms and conditions for tariffs and fees is available at
** Free monthly administration fee for Commonwealth Bank Premier


Product Information Summary
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