Banking Solutions for Study in Australia

AusStudent is an individual savings account denominated in IDR and AUD for parents who will send their children to continue their study in Australia or for parents who have children who curently are studying in Australia


- Affordable initial deposit and fees, including free transfer fee to Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Account through the branch of Bank Commonwealth of Indonesia.
- Competitive interest rate in which calculated based on end of day daily balance.
- Convenient transactions in more than 180,000 Debit Prima/BCA network and more than 40,000 ATM across Indonesia.
  • Free of charge for all transactions through ATM Commonwealth network
  • Free 10 (ten) cash withdrawal transactions through ATM Bersama and Prima network for minimum average balance of IDR 10,000,000 per month
  • Free debit card transaction fee through Debit Prima/BCA network in Indonesia
- Freedom in transaction through Internet/Mobile Banking with discount for transaction fee including: 
  • Free real-time transfer between banks in Indonesia through Internet/Mobile Banking 
  • 50% off transfer fee using RTGS
  • 50% off foreign currencies transfer fee using SWIFT
  • 50% off subscription fee of the mutual fund products
- Open a CBA account for the children prior to arrival in Australia.
- Free withdrawal fee at CBA ATM using the Bank Commonwealth of indonesia ATM card.
- Free transfer fee to CBA account*.
- Special AUD Exchange Rate. 
- Monthly statement.

*Free transfer fee applies for customers who fulfill the minimum balance requirement of IDR 10,000,000 and AUD 1,000 within the same month of the fund transfer. This free transfer facility is not applied for transaction through branch, through Internet Banking / Mobile Banking only applied for 3x every month.

Risk of Product
The risks attached to this savings product is the change of fees and interest rates that can be done at anytime and it will be informed to customers through branches, website or other media deemed appropriate by the Bank.

Procedures and Requirements
Opening an account can be done at the nearest Bank Commonwealth branch by completing and signing the account opening application form and providing the required documents.

Document Requirement:

For Parents For Children
  • Valid ID (KTP) and Tax Registration (NPWP)
  • Passport; and KIMS/ KITAS/ Reference Letter from company registered as Bank Commonwealth customer/ Reference Letter from CBA, Tax Registration and other supporting document refer to Term and Condition Applied in PT Bank Commonwealth.
  • Completed with letter of acceptance/student visa/ Student ID
  • Passport
  • Letter of acceptance/student visa/ Student ID of the children

Fees & Charges*

Keterangan Biaya
Initial deposit IDR10.000.000,- AUD 1.000
Minimum average balance IDR5.000.000,- AUD 500
Monthly administration IDR5.000,- AUD 0.5
Below minimum average balance fee IDR50.000,- AUD 5.0
Hold balance IDR100.000,- AUD 10
Stamp duty  In accordance to the prevailing regulations. Stamp duty is charged per CIF, not per account
Closing account fee IDR50.000,- AUD 8

*Fees and Charges is subject to change and it will be informed to customers through media deemed appropriate by the Bank

If you have auto debit facility on Bank Commonwealth (for example: AutoInvest, loan installment, standing instruction, standing order, etc), please ensure that your accounts have sufficient balance to cover the monthly fees and auto debit facilities.

Interest Rate Calculation
Interest is calculated based on end of day balance according to the prevailing interest rate. Interest rate table can be accessed in here

Product Expiration
The expiry of the product will be when customer or Bank closes the account.

Product Issuer
This Product issued by PT Bank Commonwealth and guaranteed by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Cooperation/Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan ("LPS")***

***If the value of total deposit exceeds maximum value/if the interest rate of deposit exceeds interest rate of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Cooperation/Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan ("LPS"), deposit is not included and/or shall not be guaranteed by LPS in Deposit Insurance Scheme/Program Penjaminan Simpanan.