Employee Value Proposition



Develop your career in the Bank Commonwealth

Bank Commonwealth has a great commitment in people development as part of business strategies to enhance the capacity of employees and organization. We create a working environment that give the opportunity for employees to develop the career through the structured human resources development. This human resource development program is designed to sharpen the development and increase the competence of employees , behavior , technical capabilities and leadership .

As part of the company's strategy to increase the participation and contribution of the employee within the bank, Reward and Recognition Programs are designed based on a merit system to provide a high performance culture.. Management identifies the opportunity for development for employees who performed well and talented to improve the ability and plotting their career.

With the fascinating environment for your current and future development, you are expected to learn, grow and develop your career with us in the Bank Commonwealth.

Join and get the benefits by becoming Our Employee

  • Salary and Competitive Bonus — Get a competitive salary, annual bonus, employee wellbeing program as well as an additional incentive for some of our position.
  • Health Insurance — Our Insurance will protect you and your family from any potential harmness so that you can be more focus on your work
  • Pension Fund & Jamsostek — Your retirement and safety will be guaranteed since we provide you with a safety funds and retirement savings plan for you.
  • Loan Benefit — We provide our employees loans with special interest rate.
  • Reward Program — We give a reward to our employees who have contributed to our success
  • Attractive offer to purchase our products — you can obtain low interest rates to buy almost all banking product, bonus interest on investment program and special arrangement in banking transactions