Term Deposit

Time Deposit (TD) is a product for individual and corporate which issued by Bank Commonwealth that can support the growth of Your savings feature and benefit.


  • Available in selection of currencies (IDR/USD/AUD/SGD/JPY/EUR/CNY).
  • Affordable minimum initial placement of Time Deposit.
  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Time Deposit Advice as a confirmation of placement, renewal, maturity / termination of the Time Deposit.
  • Convenience in transaction through Internet Banking, Phone Indemnity (POI) and Branch Office.

Convenience of Time Deposit Transactions through Phone Indemnity (POI):

  • Able to make transactions anywhere without coming to branch office.
  • Customer Signature is no longer required for any form, Relationship Manager (RM) will call You to confirm the transaction.
  • Time efficient transaction.

How to register POI? Customer can register at branch office or contact your Relationship Manager or register via Internet Banking.

Type of Time Deposit transaction through POI are:

  • Time Deposit Placement
  • Time Deposit Prepayment
  • Time Deposit Termination

Procedures and Requirements
Placement of Time Deposit can be done at the nearest Bank Commonwealth branch office by completing and signing the account opening application form and providing the required documents or through POI or Internet Banking (for existing Customer).

Required Documents:

Resident : Valid ID (electronic KTP)
Non Resident : Passport and KIMS/KITAS/Reference letter from company, and other documents according to terms and condition applied by PT Bank Commonwealth.
Institution : Documents requirement according to Terms and Conditions applied by Bank Commonwealth

Fees and Charges*

 Description Amount and Fee
Initial Placement of Time Deposit

IDR50,000,000 or AUD/USD5,000 or equivalent USD5,000 for other currency

Penalty fee (if break before time to maturity) 0.5% from Principal, interest is not paid.**

*Fees and Charges is subject to change and it will be informed to customers through media deemed appropriate by the Bank referred to the prevailing regulations or as stated here
**Early Break Time Time Deposit before maturity, the ongoing interest paid will be deducted from the principal


Interest Rate Calculation
Interest rate is calculated based on end of day balanceaccording to the prevailing interest rate. Interest rate table can be access in here

Time Deposit Calculation
Time Deposit (TD) is calculated based on the amount, placement date, duration as well as interest rate. The result of such simulation will show the total interest return after tax as well as its maturity date. TD Calculation can be use here

Risk of Product

There is a potential risk that Bank could change the interest rates and fees at any time, such changes will be communicated through the branch, website or other media that deemed appropriate by the Bank in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

There is a risk associated with the deposit guarantee program by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (“LPS”), namely the maximum stipulation for the amount of guaranteed deposits and the interest rate for such deposits as determined by the LPS from time to time. If the deposit value and/or the interest rate placed exceed the maximum deposit value and/or interest rate determined by the LPS, then the deposit is not covered by and/or not guaranteed by the deposit guarantee program.

Product Expiration
The expiry of the product will be when customer or Bank closes the account.

Product Issuer
This Product issued by Bank Commonwealth and guaranteed by Indonesia Time Deposit Insurance Cooperation/Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan ("LPS")***

*** If the value of total Time Deposit exceeds maximum value/if the interest rate of Time Deposit exceeds interest rate of Indonesia Time Deposit Insurance Cooperation/Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan ("LPS"), Time Deposit is not included and/or shall not be guaranteed by LPS in Time Deposit Insurance Scheme/Program Penjaminan Simpanan.


Product Information Summary
Learn more about this product here.