Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Program – WISE

The implementation of financial education in order to improve financial literacy for the Indonesian people is very important because based on the survey conducted by OJK in 2019, shows that the financial literacy index has only reached 38.03% while the financial inclusion index reached to 76.19%.
Based on regional level, for urban financial literacy index reached 41.41% and financial inclusion of urban communities reached to 83.60%, while the literacy index and financial inclusion of rural communities are 34.53% and 68.49%. The survey results also showed that based on gender literacy index and financial inclusion of men are 39.94% and 77.24%, relatively higher than women at 36.13% and 75.15%.
Based on this, since 2014, Bank Commonwealth has focused on Financial Literacy activities targeting women through WISE (Womenpreneur Indonesia for Sustainability & Empowerment) program. WISE is a financial literacy and inclusion program for women entrepreneurs launched by the Bank, which aims to improve the financial well-being of Indonesian women through an integrated and sustainable financial literacy program. The target participants of the WISE program are small and medium women entrepreneurs.
The implementation of the WISE program is conducted through various activities including face-to-face meetings and online workshops, educational articles on the WISE mobile application and Micromentor digital mentoring platform.

The WISE program is dedicated for women to have a proper understanding of various financial systems and instruments, so that they will be able to make the right financial decisions.
In 2019-2021, Bank Commonwealth also collaborated with several partners who have the same vision and mission in increasing financial literacy for Indonesian women, such as holding a workshop program with the women's community from one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, and presenting the MicroMentor program which is the first digital platform in Indonesia that was built to connect experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries to become mentors and conduct personal mentoring with small and medium entrepreneurs as participants.

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