Current Account DHE SDA

Simplify Your Export Business with DHE SDA Special Current Account

Current Account DHE SDA is a special account design for customers with export business in the form of current account for Export Proceed (DHE) from Natural Resources Export Goods (SDA) related transactions.
PT Bank Commonwealth provide service for special account opening DHE SDA in IDR and/ or US currency.


  • No administration fess, subject to stamp duty fee based on the terms and condition  
  • Monthly statement

Product risk
Risk attached on this product is a fee update which subject to change and the update will be informed through branch, website or through any media deemed appropriate by Bank.


Procedures and Requirements
Customer criteria for opening DHE SDA:

  • Individual customer (WNI), legal entity and other types of entity
  • Customer is exporter, owners of goods, or one of the parties is in natural resources Oil and Gas Contract.

Document Requirement:

  • Declaration Letter for Export of Result of Exploitation, Management and/or Processing of Natural Resources.
  • Documents showing the Export of natural resources including but not limited to Export Customs Documents (PPE), Export Permits, Export Sales Contracts, Customs Identification Number (NIK) and other documents required by the Bank.


Fees and Charges



Initial deposit

No fee

Monthly administration

No fee

Minimum average balance

No fee

Below minimum average balance fee

No fee

Stamp duty

In accordance with the prevailing regulations.
Stamp duty is charged per CIF, not per account

Closing account fee  

No fee

*Fees and Charges is subject to change, and it will be informed to customers through media deemed appropriate by the Bank.

Special Current Account DHE SDA is not connected to facilities such as Debit Card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, transaction can only be made at bank teller at Bank Commonwealth branch office.

Bank has the right to request for supporting documents and/or clarification related to DHE SDA transaction and customer is obliged to give information to bank on incoming and outgoing transfer through the account.


Product Expiration
Product will be expired when customer or Bank close the account.

General terms and conditions, click here.

Statement Letter of Export Proceeds Generate from Activities of  Utilization, Management and/or Processing Natural Resources Click here 


Product Information Summary
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