Wealth Advisory Management

Features to support your wealth portfolio growth

Building your wealth with CommBank Premier will be supported by various features that are tailored to your lifestyle.

Better Way To Manage Wealth
With a team of skilled Wealth Management professionals and state-of-the-art digital application, CommBank Premier offers a superior way to manage your finances. Our expertly managed wealth strategies will optimize your financial portfolio.

The Entire Portfolio At Your Fingertips
CommBank SmartWealth provides convenient investment transactions anytime, anywhere, with a range of attractive features, including:

  • 360° Portfolio will help you monitor financial portfolio with such ease.
  • Smart Advisory provides experts’ relevant market information and investment recommendations to optimize your investment performance.
  • Transact mutual fund and government bond online purchase from any location, any time.
  • AutoInvest facilitates routine periodic investment which aligned with your financial goals.
  • Seamless Single Investor Identification (SID) registration and risk profile completion via the application.

Up and Running With Market Update
Stay at the forefront of investment strategies with up-to-date economic and market information. Receive regular updates from an experienced Relationship Manager or through CommBank SmartWealth. As a CommBank Premier valued customer, you are selected as a VIP guest in the market update event, which provides in-depth analysis and the latest information related to economic conditions in Indonesia, as well as the world, that can be useful in expanding your investment.

Relationship Manager At Your Service
An experienced Relationship Manager who is genuinely concerned about your financial goal and always ready at your service.