Currency Linked Deposit


  • This is a time deposit product that provides flexibility for switching from one currency to another currency without fee during the life of the deposit. Upon the currency conversion, the new deposit would have new maturity date which has same time period with the original deposit.


  • Switching Flexibility.
  • Foreign exchange Profit.
  • Time Deposit Interest.
  • Available in USD, IDR, AUD, EUR and other major currencies when applicable.


  • Client must always comply with the Bank’s KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy & Procedure.
  • Refer to Time Deposit Policy for general requirements
  • Minimum amount is IDR 100 mio, USD 10,000, EUR 10,000, AUD 20,000, JPY 1,000,000.


  • Withholding tax applied.
  • Special foreign exchange rate with the same treatment as regular foreign exchange.