Cashflow is a simple mobile banking application to help SME business owner to record their cash inflow and cash outflow of their business. Cashflow application is integrated within Commonwealth Bank payment system, to conduct real time online fund transfer to other account in Commonwealth bank or other bank. You can easily download this application in to Android smartphone with version 4.0 and above, or Apple smartphone with iOS version 7.0 and above.

Benefit and Product Value

  • Easy
    Using Android and iOS basis mobile phone base without ATM Card or Token.
  • Safe
    Protected with multi-layered security feature, with PIN and SMS One-time password
  • Free of Charge
    Free registration fee, monthly fee and transfer fee to other bank.

Product Risk

If there’s a system failure to Cashflow, banking system, and/or ATM Bersama and Prima network provider’s system (system down / system error), it is recommended to use other service channel such as: Teller, ATM, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking.

How to get this service:

  • Download Cashflow application in Play Store or App Store
  • Sign-in to social media to backup transactions record
  • Link with your account to activate the transfer facility

Cashflow Feature Features




Financial Recording

Financial reminder creation

Open new account request

Transfer to account in 1 CIF

Transfer to other account in Commonwealth Bank

Transfer to other bank registered in ATM Bersama and Prima network

For further information please contact Call CommBank

*Terms and Conditions apply
**Following Commonwealth Bank Cashflow and Account Opening terms and conditions

Cashflow user manual