Sukuk Negara Ritel - seri SR013

Sukuk Negara Ritel series SR013

PT Bank Commonwealth with CommBank SmartWealth application has been selected by Ministry of Finance as the Retail Government Bond Distribution Partner in the SR013 Domestic Primary Market series.

  1. Definition

    Sukuk Negara Ritel (“Sukuk Ritel”) is Islamic investment products offered by the Government to individual Indonesian citizens through a Distribution Partner in the domestic Primary Market.

  2. Product Details


    Government Republic of Indonesia through the Indonesian SBSN Issuing Company





    Minimum Coupon*

    6,05 % gross p.a.


    3 years

    Offering Period

    28 August – 23 September 2020 max at 10.00 WIB via CommBank SmartWealth

    Settlement Date

    30 September 2020

    Maturity Date

    10 September 2023

    Minimum Order

    IDR 1,000,000 and in multiplication of IDR 1,000,000

    Maximum Order

    IDR3,000,000,000 at all Distribution Agent

    Coupon Payment Date

    Every 10th of the month

    First Coupon Payment Date

    10 November 2020 (long coupon*)

    Minimum Holding Period

    After 2 (two) times coupon payment
    (tradeable after 11 December 2020)

    *long coupon is the number of days for coupon that will received after one month

  3. Benefit


      Your investment is guaranteed 100% by government


      Start from IDR 1,000,000 (one million Rupiah)

    • SHARIA

      Issuance of SR013 using Akad Ijarah Asset To Be Leased structure and declared in accordance with sharia by the Sharia Council

    • EASY

      Invest using CommBank SmartWealth

  4. Product Risk

    The risk of Sukuk Ritel series SR013 are as follows:

    • Liquidity Risk

      Liquidity Risk is a potential loss if prior to maturity the SR013 series Sukuk Retail holders who requires cash and has difficulty to sell Sukuk series SR013 on the secondary market at a reasonable price level.

    • Market Risk

      Market Risk is the potential loss for investors if there is an increase in interest rates that causes a decrease in Retail Sukuk prices in the secondary market. Loss (capital loss) can occur if investors sell Retail Sukuk on the secondary market before maturity at a selling price lower than the purchase price.

  5. Cashback Program

    Get Cashback for investing in SR013 through CommBank SmartWealth as follows:

    Order Amount Criteria


    IDR 3 Billion


    IDR 500 Million < IDR 3 Billion


    General Term & Conditions Program:

    • Program period: 28 August – 23 September 2020
    • Order Amount Criteria counted from accumulated order amount via CommBank SmartWealth
    • Cashback is in the form of cash that will be credited to Customer Account in Bank Commonwealth, maximum 30 (thirty) working days from settlement date.
    • Fresh Fund (Calculation Fresh Fund counted from difference average Total Relationship Balance (TRB) in Bank Commonwealth as of end September 2020 against TRB as of end August 2020)
    • Sign SR013 program participation form

    Example of cashback calculation:

    Scenario 1:
    Total Relationship Balance (TRB) as of 31 August 2020 equals to IDR 1 Billion
    Fresh Fund transfer done on 5 September 2020 in the amount of IDR 500 Million
    SR013 purchase done on 5 September 2020 in the amount of IDR 500 Million
    Total Relationship Balance (TRB) as of 30 September 2020 equals to IDR 1.5 Billion

    Fresh fund calculation: TRB as of end September – TRB as of end August
    IDR 1.5 Billion – IDR 1 Billion = IDR 500 Million

    SR product placement = IDR 500 Mio (fresh fund)

    Customer eligible for 0.1% cashback, which equals to IDR 500,000 (0.1% x IDR 500 Mio).

    Skenario 2:
    Total Relationship Balance (TRB) as of 31 August 2020 equals to IDR 2 Billion
    Fresh Fund transfer done 10 September 2020 in the amount of IDR 2 Billion
    SR013 purchase done on 11 September 2020 in the amount of IDR 3 Billion
    Total Relationship Balance (TRB) as of 30 September 2020 equals to IDR 4 Billion

    Fresh fund calculation: TRB as of end September – TRB as of end August
    IDR 4 Billion – IDR 2 Billion = IDR 2 Billion

    SR product placement = IDR 3 Billion (fresh fundequals to IDR 2 Billion)

    Customer is not eligible to get cashback as the placement was not made entirely from fresh fund

  6. Ordering Procedures:

    SR013 bookings are required via the Online platform only. Customers can use the CommBank SmartWealth application to place orders for SR013.
    Register for your SID (Single Investor Identification) and Securities Account through the Bank Commonwealth by contacting the nearest Bank Commonwealth Branch or contacting your RM.

  7. Requirements for Ordering Retail Government Bonds

    • Individuals, Indonesian Citizens are proven by their KTP registered at Dukcapil.
    • Have Saving Account at Bank Commonwealth.
    • Have Securities Account and Single Investor Identification (SID) that have been registered at Bank Commonwealth.
    • Activation CommBank SmartWealth.


For information and sevices, Please Call Commbank 1500 030 or for Customer Commonwealth Premier Banking call 1500 938 or email

SR013 Products are not deposit products issued by PT. Bank Commonwealth. Liability for SR013 is the full responsibility of the issuer. SR013 is issued and guaranteed by Government. This product is also not included in the scope of the object of the guarantee program of the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). This product has investment risk, thus customer understand, know, and agree with the risk stated including any liability for investment losses in SR013.