KTA TymeDigital FAQ

Product & Services

  1. What is KTA TymeDigital?
  2. What are the criteria and condition to apply?
  3. What documents are needed to apply for a TymeDigital KTA?
  4. Which domicile cities that are appicable for KTA TymeDigital?

Application Process

  1. How to apply KTA TymeDigital?
  2. What to do when you received SMS from COMMBANK?
  3. What if I have not received an SMS within 3 working days?
  4. How to find out the results of my application after filling out the application form?
  5. If my KTA TymeDigital application is not approved, when can I make another application?

Disbursement & Verification

  1. If your KTA TymeDigital application has been approved, what should you do next?
  2. Where can I do loan verification and account opening?
  3. What is CommBank e-Kiosk?
  4. What time is the Commonwealth Bank Branch operational hours?
  5. I have verified myself at the e-Kiosk Bank, when will the loan funds be disbursed?


  1. How do you pay KTA TymeDigital installments?
  2. How do I find out the due date for my loan installment payments?
  3. Can the payment due date be changed?


  1. Can I make early repayments?
  2. When can I get the Final Loan Payment Completion Letter of KTA TymeDigital?

Fee & Charges

  1. Are there fees charged when applying KTA TymeDigital?
  2. If I am late in paying installments, will I be fined?


  1. Previously I already had a KTA TymeDigital loan, can I make a loan increase (Top-up)?
  2. If I have another question, to whom should I contact?