Updates of the General Terms and Conditions of Bank Commonwealth

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective as of March 31, 2023, there are updates of the General Terms and Conditions of Bank Commonwealth, as follows:

  1. Other Terms and Conditions section, Number 7 (Special Rules and Provisions):
    Update Section of the Terms and Conditions No. 7 (Special Rules and Provisions), These GTC do not prejudice the special rules and provisions that apply at any time for each product and/or service provided by the Bank to the Customer, including but not limited for each product information and/or Bank services contained on the Bank’s official website https://www.commbank.co.id/. Therefore, the Customer is also bound by each of these special rules and provisions. In addition, the Bank also has the right to ask the Customer to sign additional documents deemed necessary by the Bank so that the Bank can provide the products and/or services related to these documents to the Customer.
  2. Customer Complaints Handling section on Other Terms and Conditions, Number 18 regarding the Complaint Handling Channels, Period, Supporting Documents, and Complaint Resolution through dispute:
    1. Customer can submit Complaint through Bank channels, as follow: Branch, Call CommBank, Email, and Internet Banking/Mobile Banking (Service Menu – Mailbox).
    2. Complaint Handling Period:
      • Verbal Complaints: 5 (five) Business Days
      • Written Complaints: 20 (twenty) Business Days (Bank may extend the Complaint handling period by another 20 (twenty) Business Days and inform the Customer in advance no later by the end of the first complaint handling period).
    3. Supporting Documents:
      • Verbal Complaints: The Bank has the right to request the Customer to submit a written Complaint by attaching the required supporting documents.
      • Complaints in writing:
        1. Personal Data of Customers/Customer Representatives.
        2. Other Supporting Documents.
    4. The Bank has the right to reject to handle Customer complaints if:
      • The Customer does not complete the required documents according to the agreed time frame. A Customer who does not complete the document is considered to have cancelled their complaint.
      • Documents provided by the Customer / Customer's representative are suspected to be forged.
      • The previous Complaint has been resolved by the Bank, which may consist of:
        1. Complaints that have reached an agreement; or complaints that have not reached an agreement.
        2. Complaints are not related to reasonable loss and/or potential material loss as stated on the agreement and/or financial transaction documents.
        3. Complaints not related to financial transactions issued by the Bank
    5. Settlement of Complaints through Disputes:
      • If the Customer rejects the response to the objection and/or complaint from the Bank, the Customer may choose a dispute resolution through the court or out of court.
      • If the dispute resolution is carried out outside the court, the provision of dispute resolution services will be Alternative Dispute Resolution Body of Financial Services (LAPS-SJK).
  3. Other Terms and Conditions section, Number 19 (other), letter k: This agreement is in conformity with the requirements of prevailing laws and regulations including regulation of the Indonesia Financial Service Authority.

The full Terms and Conditions can be accessed by clicking here

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Bank Commonwealth