Simplify your export recording by opening a DHE SDA special account

As a support to Government Regulation (PP) No. 1/2019 concerning Foreign Exchange Export Results from Business Activities, Management, and/or Processing of Natural Resources (DHE SDA) and Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No. 21/14/PBI/2019 concerning Foreign Exchange Export Results and Foreign Exchange Export Payments, where Foreign Exchange Export Results will provide optimal contribution nationally and can support the creation of healthier financial market and efforts to maintain the stability of Rupiah value, we inform you that PT Bank Commonwealth (“Commonwealth Bank”) serves the opening of IDR and/or USD currency DHE SDA Special Account.

  Customer criteria for opening a DHE SDA special account:
  • Individual customer (WNI), legal entity and other types of entity
  • Customer is exporter, owners of goods, or one of the parties is in natural resources Oil and Gas Contract.
  Requirements for opening a DHE SDA special account:
  • Declaration Letter for Export of Result of Exploitation, Management and/or Processing of Natural Resources.
  • Documents showing the Export of natural resources including but not limited to Export Customs Documents (PPE), Export Permits, Export Sales Contracts, Customs Identification Number (NIK) and other documents required by the Bank.

For more information, please visit the nearest Commonwealth Bank branch or contact your Relationship Manager (RM) or Call CommBank 15000 30 or (62-21) 2935 2935 (international access) or via email