Liquidation of FWD Asset Management Mutual Fund Product

Dear Customer,

Refer to:

  • Letter No. 183/EJ/DIR/FWDAsset/23 dated 27 June 2023 concerning Information Liquidation of Mutual Funds managed by PT FWD Asset Management;
  • Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 23/POJK.04/2016 concerning Mutual Funds in the Form of Collective Investment Contracts and the provisions for amendments;
  • Financial Services Authority Circular No. 19/SEOJK.04/2021 concerning Stimulus Policy and Relaxation of Provisions Related to Investment Management in Maintaining Capital Market Performance and Stability Due to the Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019.

This is to inform you that mutual funds managed by PT FWD Asset Management will be proceeded for liquidation effectively on 15 August 2023 ("Liquidation Date"). Mutual Fund products that will be liquidated are as follows:

  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Aggresive Balanced Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Balanced Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Bond Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Dividend Yield Equity Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Money Market Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset Sectoral Equity Fund
  • Reksa Dana FWD Asset USD Balanced Plus Fund

Customers can perform transaction normally until 14 August 2023.

On the Liquidation Date, if the Customer still has participation units of the mutual funds that mentioned above, hence the Customer must follow the liquidation process using Net Asset Value (NAV) price dated 15 August 2023. The customer does not need to fill out and submit any transaction form to the bank, and the proceed shall be received by the customer on T+7 trading days at the latest.

For further information, please contact your Relationship Manager or Call CommBank
at 15000 30 / 1500 938 (CommBank Premier only) or (62-21) 2935 2935 for International access or via email


Bank Commonwealth