Investment Risk Profile

Looking for an exciting investment journey with optimum result, but not sure and do not know where to start?

Do not worry and follow the tips below:
Before you start your investment journey, please make sure you have understood the 2 keys of investing:
  1.  Carefully examine the product potential return.
  2.  Make sure you are comfortable with the risk level of the related investment product.


Because in investing, each product has different potential return in accordance to the product’s risk level. In general, the higher the potential return, the higher the risk level of the related product.

For reference: "Investment risk profile is defined as an assessment of a person's willingness to accept risks that will determine the appropriate allocation of investment asset classes in the portfolio. Risk profile is a way to reduce potential risks." (Source: Investopedia)

So, how is this relevant to you? Try asking yourself, are you comfortable with high-risk investment? Or are you more comfortable with lower-risk investment?

Therefore, before you invest in any investment product, ensure that you have recognized and fully understood your risk profile.

For your convenience, Bank Commonwealth has a tool to guide you in determining your level of risk profile to investment product, as well as to identify what type of investment portfolio suits you best.


Description as follow:



Please ensure you understand the risk before investing!

To find out your level of risk profile, please contact our Relationship Manager at the nearest Bank Commonwealth branch.