Credit Relaxation Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

As a form of support to recent Government regulations, PT Bank Commonwealth (the “Bank”) would like to provide details of our debt relaxation program offered to our debtors, especially our micro, small and medium enterprises customers, who have been impacted by COVID-19, as described below:

  • PT Bank Commonwealth will offer debt relaxation program to debtors impacted by COVID-19 in accordance with the Bank’s prevailing terms & conditions. 
  • The debt relaxation program will be granted subject to the debtor fulfilling certain criteria and a mutual agreement between the debtor and the Bank being reached.
  • Procedure to apply for the debt relaxation program is as follow :
    • Debtor can apply for the debt relaxation program by filling in the form downloadable from PT Bank Commonwealth’s official website. (click here)
    • The completed application form should be returned via e-mail to
    • PT Bank Commonwealth will inform the approval of the proposed debt relaxation via e-mail.
    • Debtors who have obtained debt relaxation approval are required to make all payments in full in accordance with the newly agreed debt relaxation terms and conditions.
  • Debtor is obliged to pay in full all regularly scheduled payments based on the existing, current credit agreement while their debt relaxation proposal is being reviewed. 
  • Debtors who have not been impacted by COVID-19 are required to continue to pay in full all the regularly scheduled payments in accordance with the existing, current credit agreement.
  • Customers are advised to always follow official information from PT Bank Commonwealth’s website and communication.

For any further information, customer may contact us through dedicated e-mail:



Board of Director PT Bank Commonwealth