SMS Alert

Enjoy our SMS Alert* service for the convenience in monitoring your bank account. You will get an SMS notification for an accurate updates on your account activities

* Available for Individual customer only


  • EASY, customers only have to register Handphone number
  • PRACTICE, get notifications of debit and credit transactions registered accounts
  • AFFORDABLE, free of registration fee and SMS reception

Procedures & requirement:

  • Already have an account in Commonwealth Bank
  • Visit to nearest branch and register Handphone number to customer service

Product Risk

The failure of the e-Channel system (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM) Bank (system down/system error).

Service Features
Type of bank account that can be connected to SMS Alert service

  • CommSave
  • Tabungan Bunga Harian
  • CommStaff
  • CommWealth
  • Student Saving Account (IDR & USD)
  • CommCash (IDR, AUD, USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, NZD, JPY)
  • Individual Current Account (IDR, AUD, USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, NZD, JPY)

Types of information
The Currency of AccountMinimum Transaction Amount

All transactions that include debit / credit accounts from ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and transactions through teller counter at branches.

Fees & Charges
SMS Alert facility fees
SMS Alert registration feeFree
SMS Alert facility charges
SMS delivery feeFree

Types of phone which can be connected to SMS Alert service**

  • GSM
  • CDMA

** Phone number of which can be used for SMS Alert, must be the same number which already stored in Commonwealth Bank system

Sample of SMS Alert format from Commonwealth Bank
"ATM Debit Transaction of IDR 1,000,000 from xxxxxx2691 on 26/01/2010-17:15.
More info Call CommBank at 021-500030 or 021-29352935 (overseas)"

For further Information please Contact Call Commbank at (code area) 15000 30 or (6221) 2935 2935 for International Access.

Terms and Conditions apply

Bank is not responsible on any loss or risk or consequence or charges from other party that might arise due to any information from SMS Alert usage to cell phone number subscribed by Customers.