Call Commbank

24 Hours Banking Services through phone

Call CommBank is Call Center services from Commonwealth Bank that can help you to get any information about our products or services, anytime and anywhere only through phone.

Call CommBank can be accessed through 1500030 or (6221) 2935 2935 for international access. We serve customer 24 hours a day 7 days a week (including public holiday).

Call CommBank services include :

  • Balance Inquiry Information
  • Transaction History/ Account Movement
  • Product Information (Banking, Mutual Fund, and Bancassurance)
  • Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Rate Information
  • ATM Service Information (Network, Location, Fees and Charges)
  • Branch Location Information
  • ATM Card Activation Request (only for Customized ATM Card User)
  • ATM Card Blocking Request
  • ATM Default Account Changing request (can only be processed if the account is already linked to ATM Card)
  • Internet Banking Information (User ID information, etc)
  • Mobile Banking Information (how to download and use Mobile Banking, etc)
  • Internet Banking / Mobile Banking User ID Blocking Request
  • Internet Banking /Mobile Banking User ID Unblocking Request (only served on office hour, Monday to Friday, 08.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
  • Token Modification Request, change Token mode from Hard Token to SMS Token (only served on office hour, Monday to Friday, 08.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
  • Token Unblocking Request (only for Token’s Software, and served on office hour, Monday to Friday, 08.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
  • Receive Customer's Feedback and Complaint
  • Email Address Modification for Individual Customer


  • All conversations with customer are recorded, and customer will need to go through a verification process before all question, complaint, and maintenance request being processed by Call CommBank to ensure customer feel comfortable and protected.
  • When contacting Call CommBank, customer will be charged telephone cost by customer’s phone provider as stated in fee and charge section.


Call CommBank can be contacted directly by customer or anyone that interested with Commonwealth Bank’s products and services without any registration process.


  • Contact Call CommBank at 1500030 by phone or cell phone and (6221) 2935 2935 for international access.
  • The answering machine will greet you and offer language options.
    • Press 1 for Bahasa,
    • Press 2 for English.
  • After that, the answering machine will offer service type options.
    • Press 1 for Banking Services
    • Press 2 for General Information
    • Press 3 for Other Information
    • Press 0 for Call Center Officer Assistant


  • When contacting Call CommBank from PTSN and CDMA phone, local tariff applies.
  • When contacting Call CommBank from Mobile Phone, each GSM provider’s tariff applies.
  • All the telephone cost to Call CommBank will be charged to the caller.