FAQ - Commbank Mobile


  1. What is the CommBank Mobile application?
  2. What features are included in the CommBank Mobile application?
  3. Do I have to become a Bank Commonwealth customer to register CommBank Mobile application?
  4. As a CommBank Mobile user, will I be served at a Bank Commonwealth branch office?
  5. What devices or smartphones can be used to access the CommBank Mobile application?
  6. Can I use the CommBank Mobile application overseas?
  7. I have used the CommBank Mobile application, can I register for IB and MB facilities?

Account Opening

  1. How do I open an account via CommBank Mobile?
  2. Can I re-open an account on the CommBank Mobile application if I already have an account with a Bank Commonwealth?
  3. What if I am directed to come to the branch when I open an account at CommBank Mobile but there is no Bank Commonwealth branch in my city? Can I still continue the account opening process?
  4. Will the physical ATM Card be sent directly to the mailing address after I have successfully opened an account?
  5. I have filled in the data for opening an account at CommBank Mobile but it didn't finish. What should I do?
  6. What if I get interrupted during the verification process via video call?


  1. Is the CommBank Mobile application safe?
  2. What is the type of security applied in CommBank Mobile?
  3. What is a passcode, and how is it different from a password?
  4. What if my cellphone is lost, but I still want to use the same cellphone number, can I still use CommBank Mobile again?
  5. What if I forgot my username or password?
  6. How do I change my password or passcode?
  7. What should I do if my CommBank Mobile account or access to activate My CommBank Mobile is blocked?
  8. What should I do if my device is blocked from activating CommBank Mobile?
  9. What kind of security is applied on CommBank Mobile application?
  10. What should I do to protect my account when I transact in CommBank Mobile?


  1. What is QRIS?
  2. How to pay using CommBank Mobile QR?
  3. How many QR code types are there?
  4. Why can I not input my purchase amount?
  5. If I want to give tips on my transaction, can it be done in QR payment?
  6. Why is my QR transaction failed?
  7. How to check the status of my QR transaction if my phone suddenly turned off or accidentally closed the application?
  8. What is the difference among Real-Time Online, SKN, and RTGS transfer methods?
  9. How to choose a transfer method?
  10. Can I use every transfer method for every beneficiary bank?
  11. What will happen when I accidentaly input wrong beneficiary name while doing SKN or RTGS transfer?
  12. What the latest can I do SKN or RTGS transaction to beneficiary in the same value day?
  13. What will happen if I do SKN and RTGS transaction after banking hours?
  14. How to view the details of SKN or RTGS transaction with accepted status?
  15. What should I do when my SKN or RTGS transaction got no response?
  16. What is the Multiple Account feature?
  17. How to enable the feature?
  18. What is the daily transaction limit of the Account?
  19. Is there any additional fee on doing transaction via CommBank Mobile?
  20. What bill payment provider can be accommodated on the CommBank Mobile version 1.7.5?
  21. How to pay late payment fee for any bill payment through CommBank Mobile?
  22. Would I get the transaction evidence if I paid for my bills through CommBank Mobile?
  23. I accidentally clicked “next” on the pop-up evidence page, so I could not view my transaction status yet. Is it possible to reopen?
  24. Can I pay for my utilities (electricity, telephone, water, gas bills), insurance (BPJS), tax (property), or charity via CommBank mobile?

Virtual and Physical Cards

  1. What is a Virtual Debit Card?
  2. Will the ATM PIN I created during the account opening process be the same as my physical ATM card PIN?
  3. What is a GPN card?
  4. How do I get a physical card from Mastercard and GPN?
  5. Can customers change the card delivery address before making a physical debit card request in the CommBank Mobile application?
  6. What PIN will be used for my physical Mastercard card?
  7. How can I get a physical card faster?
  8. What if I forget the PIN for my virtual debit card / physical Mastercard / physical GPN card?

CommBank GoalSaver

  1. What is CommBank GoalSaver?
  2. What are the main features of CommBank GoalSaver?
  3. What are the requirements for having a CommBank GoalSaver?
  4. Does CommBank GoalSaver cost anything?
  5. How many CommBank GoalSavercan I make?
  6. Can I add funds to CommBank GoalSaver other than my main account at CommBank Mobile?
  7. When will my money be debited automatically?
  8. What if I have insufficient funds on the auto-debit date that has been determined?
  9. How can I withdraw my CommBank GoalSaver funds?
  10. Can I change the frequency, target savings amount, monthly savings, or my CommBank GoalSaver deadline if I change my mind?
  11. Is there a limit to the CommBank GoalSaver?
  12. Can I stop CommBank GoalSaver even though the deadline has not achieved?
  13. How do I view the interest I receive from CommBank GoalSaver?
  14. What happens when the CommBank GoalSaver period has been reached?
  15. Why does my CommBank GoalSaver suddenly stop and the funds are transferred automatically to my account?
  16. Can I perform topup on the CommBank GoalSaver ?
  17. Can I achieve my goal faster?


  1. Am I able to view the spending transactions from the previous years?
  2. Will my new spending transactions appear immediately in the spending list?
  3. Am I able to view the transaction detail and the receipt of my transactions?
  4. Am I able to create a budget for all spending categories?
  5. Am I able to set the budget period?
  6. Am I still able to make transactions if I exceed the budget limit?
  7. Am I able to change my budget in the middle of the month?
  8. Can I change the category of previous transaction?


  1. What is a stamp card?
  2. What is a stamp?
  3. How can I get a stamp?
  4. Where can I get the latest information about the ongoing Stamp program?
  5. Can I automatically join another Stamp program after completing the first one?
  6. What is my next step after collecting all the Stamps?
  7. What prizes can I get after collecting the Stamps?
  8. What should I do if the stamp reward claim process fails?
  9. I have made an eligible transaction for the program, but I did not get a stamp. What should I do?
  10. I have two rewards that I want to claim, but when I try to claim them it always fails.
  11. My stamp card suddenly disappeared. Did I also lose all the stamps I have previously collected?