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All your banking needs in your fingertips

CommBank Mobile is a mobile banking application that will answer all of your daily needs. Find various conveniences in banking transactions and feel a complete control over your finances. Download and open an account now.

*Refer to PT Bank Commonwealth’s Terms and Conditions, more info at fees & charges
** Biometric authentication using fingerprints stored on Android devices and Face ID or Touch ID on iOS devices. Click here to read safety tips.


Send your money cheaper and easier with BI-FAST

  • Transfer money easier using mobile number, email address, or saving account. For more information, click here.

  • Free interbank transfer fees up to 30x per month at BI-FAST*

  • More flexible transfer limit, starting from Rp10.000 - Rp250.000.000 each transactions.

*) As of 20 October 2023, Customer can enjoy the benefit of free transfer fees for interbank online transfer at BI-FAST via CommBank Mobile for up to 30x transactions per month provided that the savings account used for the transaction has last month average balance of IDR10,000,000


QR Code Payment

Payment made easy and convenient with QR Code Payment

Quick Response (QR) Code Payment is a payment method using QR Code that is connected to Quick Response. Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) ecosystem and integrated with Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN) Netword.

Payment with QR Code on CommBank Mobile can be used in all merchants with QRIS and GPN logo as shown.

*Merchants must support QRIS payments

Benefits and Advantages:


No additional charges for every payment made using QR Code Payment on CommBank Mobile


With CommBank Mobile you can pay at any merchants Nationwide that use QR Code QRIS.


No need to top-up your e-wallet anymore. Payments will be deducted directly from you CommBank savings account.

Transact more and earn your rewards

Enjoy CommBank Mobile's reward program. Collect stamps from your transactions and earn your rewards easily

*You can see the ongoing reward program and terms and conditions on the Rewards menu in the Commbank Mobile application


Manage your finances and achieve your dreams with CommBank  GoalSaver at CommBank Mobile
  • Free to set the target funds and time as you like
  • Auto-debit from your main CommBank Mobile account every month
  • Funds will be disbursed automatically once your Goal is reached
  • No penalty if stopped at any time
  • Interest rate is 3.25% p.a, calculated daily
Click here to learn about the terms and conditions of  CommBank GoalSaver at CommBank Mobile

Complete control over your every expense

Create and manage a monthly budget for each expense category of your choice. CommBank Mobile is ready to help you record expenses from all of your Commonwealth Bank savings accounts

You can also group expenses into categories of your choice

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