Discount up to 12% at Agoda

Let’s go back to nature or see the beautiful city views from your holiday stay. Book hotel/resort now and enjoy discount up to 12% with Debit Mastercard® Bank Commonwealth.

Syarat & Ketentuan

  1. Promo Period:
    • The Reservation period is now until 31 December 2023
    • The Stay period is now until 31 March 2024
    Hereinafter referred to as ("Promo Period").
  2. For Debit Mastercard Bank Commonwealth Cardholders can enjoy promo organized by Mastercard in the form of:
    • Discount 12% (twelve percent) with no minimum transaction and do payment using Debit World Mastercard Bank Commonwealth.
    • Discount 10% (ten percent) with no minimum transaction and do payment using Debit Platinum Mastercard Bank Commonwealth.
    Hereinafter referred to as ("Promo").
  3. Promo is valid for hotel, resort and hostel bookings located domestically & internationally with the label "Promo Eligible" on the search page. Promo is valid for "Pre paid", "Pay now" and "Book now, Pay later" room types.
  4. Promo is valid for purchases on the
    website and payment using World & Platinum Debit Mastercard Bank Commonwealth.
  5. Promo is only valid for payment of room charges (excluding local taxes, service charges, surcharges, and personal consumption).
  6. This promo is valid on Agoda's official iOS/Android app and website with payment transactions using Mastercard Bank Commonwealth Debit Card only.
  7. The offer will deduct the value of the transaction on the checkout page on Agoda’s website and app.
  8. This promo cannot be combined with other Bank Commonwealth and Agoda promotions.
  9. Bank Commonwealth and Agoda reserve the right to cancel a transaction if fraud is found in this Promo.
  10. The Terms and Conditions of this Promo are based on the applicable provisions of Bank Commonwealth and Agoda and the prevailing laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia including the Financial Services Authority.
  11. Agoda through Mastercard as the organizer of the Promo, at its discretion, may at any time and periodically amend the Terms and Conditions of this Promo if deemed necessary, and will communicate such changes to the Customer before the date such changes become effective.
  12. The Customer and/or the Customer's authorized representative may submit a complaint on banking transactions/services through the nearest Bank branch office or Call CommBank (15000 30). The mechanism for submitting Customer Complaints can be accessed here.
  13. These Terms and Conditions are made in bilingual versions of Indonesian and English, in the event of any difference in interpretation between the Indonesian and English language versions, the Indonesian language version shall prevail.