CommBank SmartWealth Term and Condition

 Terms & Conditions CommBank SmartWealth

This page contains the Terms of Use applicable to the CommBank SmartWealth software application ("Application") on mobile devices.

General Information
The CommBank SmartWealth Software Application ("Application") is the property of PT Bank Commonwealth (the "Bank"). This application has non-transactional function and/or may have transactional function in the future, as to use the transactional function you must register and satisfy further requirements as specified in the Terms and Conditions stipulated by the Bank.

As a condition for using this Application, I hereby confirm that I agree to the following:

  1. I have understood the functions of this Application and the characteristics, risks, and consequences in relation to the use of the Application, including the operational risks and the losses that may arise from the use of the Application. Therefore, I shall bear all the risks and consequences that may be incurred in the future.
  2. I understand that the Application is also dependent on the other applications and/or media and/or infrastructure facilities owned by parties other than the Bank, including but not limited to the network/signal from the telephone operator, and/or the mobile phone unit that I use; hence, I understand any risk of obstacle that might be occurred which caused by media and/or other infrastructure caused by other party besides bank.
  3. I agree that the Bank and/or any of its affiliates may use the data and information I may provide or may have provided on this Application for the internal purposes of the Bank and/or its affiliates.
  4. I agree to submit to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, including but not limited to any laws, whether domestic or international in scope, related to financial crimes, corruption or money laundering that applies in Indonesia.

Access to the Platform

In order to access the Application, you must have an active mobile number and e-mail address registered in the Bank system.


Bank may monitor and record all or portions of your communications with the Bank for quality control, customer service, security, regulatory, law, compliance, and other lawful purposes, that You hereby give the consent to such recording.

No Warranties
All information provided "as is" for informational purpose only, not intended for investment decision making suggestion.

You are suggested to read the product document such as the newest Prospectus and get professional and expert advice from legal, finance, tax, and other professional service before deciding to take investment decision.

The Application is not intended as a facility from the Bank to promise certain financial benefits to the user of the Application; instead, it only serves to provide financial information for the Application user.

Neither the app nor any of independent providers are liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any action taken in reliance on information contained herein.

Returns and Performance Model Portfolio
Data and Performance returns shown are for informational purposes only. Though we have made an effort to closely match performance results shown to the model portfolio over time, these results are entirely the product of a model. Actual individual portfolio performance will vary depend on the time of the initial investment, amount and frequency of contributions, intra-period allocation changes and taxes. Additionally, past performance of the model portfolio is not indicate of future results.

The model portfolio is composed of mutual fund. There is a possibility for the model portfolio to perform better or worse than the comparable blend of indices. The comparison might be caused, but not limited to, portfolio rebalancing, fees, and impact of the market conditions.

Therefore, The Customer hereby understands and fully responsible for any risk of loss that might incur from the investment.

Performance Calculation
Performance returns are calculated using the weighted average rate of return methodology.