Health Insurance Product from Panin Dai-ichi Life in Indonesian Rupiah

MEDICA is an insurance product with hospital income family benefit and life cover (due to sickness and accident). This product return 100% premium paid plus underwriting surplus (if available) at the end of tenth year (if available).


  • 100% return of premium, without claim(s) consideration
  • Fast & easy process. Applicants will only need to fill out health questionnaires
  • 24 Hours worldwide, hospital of your choice
  • Cover all diseases according to the policy.
  • Double claim benefit. Sum assured is still payable in addition to health benefit from employer and/or other insurance policy.
  • Protection for 10-year period
  • Hospital Income Family benefit which terms and conditions as below: Daily hospitalization income benefits up to IDR 2 Mio and maximum benefit 90 days/ year. Unit cost is IDR 200 thou.
  • ICU/ ICCU benefit up to IDR 4 Mio and maximum benefit 45 days/ year.
  • Life cover positioned as condolences benefit due to sickness and/or accident.
  • Waiver of Premium due to Total Permanent Disability (TPD). Policy holder premium is waived up to maturity in addition to other insurance benefit
BENEFIT OPTIIONS (Choose One)Information
1 Unit 3 Units5 Units 10 Units
A: Rp 200,000/dayA: Rp 600,000/dayA: Rp 1,000,000/dayA: Rp 2,000,000/dayA. Compansation for
hospitalization max
90 days/yrs
B: Rp 400,000/dayB: Rp 1,200,000/dayB: Rp 2,000,000/dayB: Rp 4,000,000/dayB. Compansation for ICU
hospitalization max
45 days/yrs
C: Rp 10,000,000C: Rp 30,000,000C: Rp 50,000,000C: Rp 100,000,000C. Compansation for
funernal due to accident
D: Rp 20,000,000 D: Rp 60,000,000 D: Rp 100,000,000 D: Rp 200,000,000 D. Compansation for
death due to accident
18 - 40 Rp 2,400,000 Rp 7,200,000 Rp 12,000,000 Rp 24,000,000
Premium amount
is based on entry age
and will not change
in insurance period
For decision there are
choices from 1 unit
to 10 units
41 - 50 Rp 3,600,000 Rp 10,800,000 Rp 18,000,000 Rp 36,000,000
51 - 55Rp 4,800,000Rp 14,400,000Rp 24,000,000Rp 48,000,000


  • Legal Risk
    Risk due to changes on regulations related to the insurance.
  • Company Risk
    Risks arising if the company is liquidated.


  • Policy Holder Age 21 – 55 Years (Last Birthday)
  • Have Commonwealth Bank Account
  • Fill out Application Form
  • Copy Customers Identification
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • Policy Cancelation Fee
    Policy cancelation fee is free look at the moment. Fee charged is only for policy printing or IDR 100.000
  • Surrender Fee
    • 100% from total premium paid on T = 1,
    • 95% from total premium paid on 1 < T = 2,
    • 85% from total premium paid on 2 < T = 5,
    • 50% from total premium paid on 5 < T = 8,
    • 25% from total premium paid on 8 < T < 10

This insurance product issued by PT Panin Dai-ichi Life and distributed/ marketed by PT. Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank) to its customer. This product is not issued by Commonwealth Bank consequently Commonwealth Bank doesn’t responsible for any obligation and doesn’t provide any assurance of this Insurance Product. This Insurance Product is not included in Deposit Guarantee Program of Government of Republic Indonesia (LPS). Commonwealth Bank also not undertakes for any risk of the Insurance Policy issued by PT Panin Dai-ichi Life in related to the Insurance Product. The Commonwealth Bank’s logo usage is entirely for cooperation reason between Commonwealth Bank and Panin Life in regard to the marketing process of the Insurance Product. Commonwealth Bank is not an agent of PT Panin Dai-ichi Life or a broker of Commonwealth Bank customers. The fund placed will not be included in and / or not will be secured by a deposit guarantee program by LPS.

Call CommBank can be accessed through 1500030 or (6221) 2935 2935 for international access. We serve customer 24 hours a day 7 days a week (including public holiday).