Elite Link

Regular Premium Unit link product from Commonwealth Life in Indonesian Rupiah

ELITE LINK is a unit link life insurance which provides life benefit and investment benefit, with acquisition fee only charged in the first 2 years, hence the investment portion will be higher.


  • Provides life benefit and investment benefit
  • Higher investment portion for regular basic premium from first year
  • Provides riders option for customer or his  family
  • Flexible in option of premium payment
  • Protection for 99 year period


  • Sum assured of 5 x annual premium is payable due to death cause by sickness and accident. In addition, fund value is added to the amount.
  • 50% of sum assured is payable due life insured is diagnose by Terminal Illness and survive more than 12 months after diagnose date.
  • Option of investment allocations that adjusted to the customers risk profile and actively managed through the concept of fund on fund.


  • Market Risk / Unit Price Reduction Risk

Market risk is is the risk of losses inpositions arising from movements in market 

  • Liquidity Risk

    Happens when the market reacts extremely, the party involved in assets transactions could not find a client in the market.

  • Economic Risk and Political Changes 

Changes on the regulation of capital and money market also changes in politics.



  • Policy Holder Age 21 - 70 years (last birthday)
  • Has Commonwealth Bank Account
  • Fill out  Application Form
  • Copy Customers Identification
  • Other Supporting Documents

Should you require further information, please contact our 24 hours Call Commbank in 15000-30 or (area code) 15000-30 from mobile or visit our nearest branch. 

  • Insurance Fee

Insurance fee according to age and sum insured, charged in monthly basis and applied starts policy activated.

  • Administration Fee

IDR27,500 charged in monthly basis applied starts policy activated

  • Management Fee

2.5% per annum from investment balance

  • Top Up Fee

3% x Top Up Premium

  • Switching Fee

More than 4 times in a year will be charged 0.5% fee from switching amount

  • Policy Maintenance Fee

0.42% charged in monthly basis from regular premium investment balance during 5 year of policy.

  • Withdrawal / Surrender Fee


% Witdhrawal / Surrender Fee















The insurance product issued by PT Commonwealth Life and referenced / recommended by PT Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank) to its customer. This product is not issued by Commonwealth Bank consequently Commonwealth Bank doesn’t responsible for any obligation and doesn’t provide any assurance of this insurance product. This insurance product and the fund is not included in Deposit Guarantee Program of Government of Republic Indonesia (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan). Commonwealth Bank also not undertakes for any risk of the Insurance Policy issued by PT Commonwealth Life in related to the insurance product. The Commonwealth Bank’s logo usage is entirely for cooperation reason between Commonwealth Bank and PT Commonwealth Life in regard to the marketing process of the Insurance Product. Commonwealth Bank is neither an agent of PT Commonwealth Life nor a broker of Commonwealth Bank customers. The fund placed will not be included in and / or not will be secured by a deposit guarantee program by LPS.