Unsecured Personal Loan Product Name Changes from "KTA TymeDigital" to "CommBank KTA".

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Dear Valued Customers,

Effective as of July 28th, 2020, the unsecured personal loan product has officially changed its name from “KTA TymeDigital” to “CommBank KTA”. All related supporting documents using the name “KTA TymeDigital” will also be changed to “CommBank KTA”.

Here below are the important information for you:
·         There are no changes to the product features as well as product Terms and Conditions.
·         There are no changes to the loan facility and payment method
·         There are no changes to the existing Credit Agreement.

Click the following link here to know more about CommBank KTA or please contact Call CommBank 15000 30 or (62-21) 2935 2935 (international access) or by email to customercare@commbank.co.id.


PT Bank Commonwealth