Payroll Services

Commonwealth Bank provides payroll services to help process payroll at your company become easier and more efficient. We provide this service online using Internet Banking facility which is accessible anywhere and anytime with only 1 (one) minimum number of employees. With salary payments online and real time, you do not need to deposit the funds in advance of payment of salary. You are also not burdened by administrative costs for this service.

By having an account at Commonwealth Bank, your employees have access to various benefits and advantages such as direct gift from saving account point rewards program, FREE cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, internal and interbank transfer  between banks in more than 41.000 ATMs in the ATM network of Commonwealth / Bersama / Prima / BCA and over one million Cirrus network world wide. Besides the Commonwealth Bank ATM cards can also be used over 100.000 EDC for debit transactions at the Prima network / BCA and Maestro.

We also provide AutoInvest for employees who want to invest in mutual funds. With a minimum start of IDR 100,000, - employees can choose more than 50 types of mutual funds and are free to choose the date of debit. In addition, we also have the Premier CommLink insurance products to protect the employees with a very premiums start from IDR 600,000, - per month.

Your employees can also get Home Financing Loan facility with special provision and interest rate and loan periods up to 20 years. In addition to Home Financing, we also offer Home Refinancing that can be used for house renovation, education and solutions to ease loans with loan period up to 10 years.

Contact your nearest Commonwealth Bank branch or call center to get more information regarding payroll services and facilities.

Below are the new excel template file which are used for Bulk Transfer Transaction (Payroll and Paryment) in CommAccess:

  1. Commbank - Bulk Transfer 4.3 (Excel 2007 - 2013).xlsm
    Applicable for Office 2007 or newer and Apple Mac (running excel office 2007 or newer)
  2. Commbank - Bulk Transfer 3.0 (Excel 97 - 2003).xls
    Applicable for Office 1997-2003

Note :

Sheet Read Me  :  Contain of ‘enable Macro’ guideline (available also the complete guideline for various excel version)

Favorite  :  List of favored Banks.