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COMMLink Premier

COMMLink Premier is a unit link insurance product that combine investment and protection. Premium mode is regular premium where funds are invested with the fund-on-fund concept at selected and profitable mutual funds.


  • Optimum Investment Results because funds are actively maintained by a professional investment manager and invested in several mutual funds that perform well in the stock market.
  • Interim Cover benefit which provides sum assured payable due to accident if policy is under approval process up to maximum of IDR 150 Mio.
  • Premium holiday after 2nd year of policy birthday.
  • Free switching fee up to 4 times per year.
  • Free administration fee and cost of insurance for the first year.
  • Sum assured of 5 x annual premium is payable due to death cause by sickness and accident. In addition, fund value is added to the amount.
  • 50% of sum assured is payable due life insured is diagnose by Terminal Illness and survive more than 12 months after diagnose date.


Year Allocation Acquisition Fee
1 20 % 80 %
2 50 % 50 %
3 80 % 20 %
4 85 % 15 %
5 85 % 15 %
6 so on
100 % 0 %

  • COMM ADDB(Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit)
    Coverage for the risks of death and disability due to accident.
  • COMMADB (Accidental Death benefit)
    Coverage for death due to accident.
  • COMM CrisisCover 30
    Coverage for 30 critical illness.
  • COMMDisability
    Coverage for total permanent disability.
  • COMMWaiver
    Waives premium payments if the beneficiary experiences total permanent disability or is diagnosed with critical illness.
  • COMMSpouse
    Premium waiver for an eligible spouse in the events of death, total permanent disability, or critical illness.
  • COMMPayor
    Premium waiver waives premiums due to life insured event of death or total permanent disability, or critical illness.
  • COMMPayorPlus
    Premium waiver waives premium due to life insured’s spouse event of death or total permanent disability, or critical illness.
  • COMMMedika
    Reimbursements for hospitalization income benefit, ICU, surgeries, pre, and post hospitalization care.
  • COMM CI 50 Plus
    Protection against critical illnesses Non Acceleration (the sum insured is additional)
  • COMM Health
    Inpatient hospital and surgical benefits until the age of 75 years old with cashless payment
  • COMM CI Early Payout
    Critical illness protection from early to intermediate stages

The insurance product issued by PT Commonwealth Life and referenced / recommended by PT Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank) to it customer. This product is not issued by Commonwealth Bank consequently Commonwealth Bank doesn’t responsible for any obligation and doesn’t provide any assurance of this insurance product. This insurance product and the fund is not included in Deposit Guatentee Program of Government of Republic Indonesia (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan). Commonwealth Bank also not undertakes for any risk of the Insurance Policy issued by PT Commonwealth Life in related to the insurance product. The Commonwealth Bank logo usage just entirely for the cooperation reason between Commonwealth Bank and PT Commonwealth Life in regard to the marketing process of the Insurance Product. Commonwealth Bank is not an agent of PT Commonwealth Life nor a broker of Commonwealth Bank customers.


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