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Life Privilege is a terrm insurance product which provides life insurance coverage with 100% guaranteed premium refund.


  • Fast & easy. Applicants only need to fill out health questionnaires.
  • 5% Premium discount if an eligible spouse participates.


  • 100% Sum Assured is payable due to death cause by sickness and/or accident.
  • Guaranteed 100% premium refund periodically due to death or Total Permanent Disability.
  • 100% Sum Assured is payable due to event of Total Permanent Disability according to policy.

Benefit Plan
Benefit Sum Assured (Rp)
Package 1 (IDR) Package 2 (IDR) Package 3 (IDR)
Death & Total Permanent Disability 150,000,000 300,000,000 500,000,000

This insurance product issued by PT Commonwealth Life and distributed by Commonwealth Bank. This product is not a product issued by Commonwealth Bank, so does not contain any obligation and is not guaranteed by Commonwealth Bank and is not included in the guarantee program of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Commonwealth Bank is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by PT Commonwealth Life with respect to the insurance product. The use of Commonwealth Bank logo is based on Commonwealth Bank approval to realize the cooperation between Commonwealth Bank and PT Commonwealth Life with respect to the insurance product offering. Commonwealth Bank is not the agent of PT Commonwealth Life nor a broker of Commonwealth Bank customer.


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