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Post Shipment Financing

Post Shipment Financing is a loan facility from Commonwealth Bank that provides upfront financing to sellers (suppliers) after delivery or shipment of the goods and have not received payment from the buyer / issuing bank.

The seller (supplier) must sign the credit agreement and general conditions of trade finance transactions in PT. Commonwealth Bank

Post Shipment Financing can bridge the seller’s (supplier’s) working capital needs to bridge with various features advantages and benefits offered.

Product Features:
Features Descriptions
Types of Financing - Bill Negotiation / Discounting
- Export Documentary Collection (EDC) Financing(DA)
- Open Account Financing
Types of Transaction Currencies Multi Currency
Types of Facility Currencies IDR, USD and AUD
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Financing will be provided on the same day as long as within the facility limit and the cut of time.


  • Helps to meet working capital requirements before receiving of payment from the buyer or issuing bank after shipment made.
  • Sellers (suppliers) can negotiate a document on the L/C or SKBDN issued and adapted to the customer’s business needs.
  • Sellers (suppliers) allowed drawing funds in foreign currencies, and potentially earning profits from foreign exchange differences compared to withdraw funds in the currency IDR.
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