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About Us

Commonwealth Bank ATM

Commonwealth Bank provides ATM card and ATM machine that can meet your Banking needs anytime.


Broad ATM Network
Besides you are able to perform transaction through 144 Commonwealth Bank ATM Machines, enjoy the ease of transaction through other ATM Networks such as Bersama, Prima, Cirrus and CBA.

Free-of-charges Transaction through Prima and Bersama ATM Networks
In addition to the ease of daily transactions at the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia’ ATM, customers can also enjoy FREE transaction fee for cash withdrawals and transfers at 75,000 ATMs Bersama and PRIMA/BCA networks.

Product Risk

The failure of the e-Channel system (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM) Bank (system down/system error).

Procedures and Requirements

Opening ATM facility can be done at the nearest Commonwealth Bank branch by completing and signing the product & services application form and providing the required documents

Document Requirement:

Resident: Valid ID (KTP)
Non Resident:Passport; and KIMS/ KITAS/other supporting document refer to Term and Condition Applied in Commonwealth Bank.

Banking Services through Commonwealth Bank ATM

Cash Withdrawal
Cash withdrawal facility through Commonwealth Bank ATM up until IDR 10,000,000 (or equivalent) per day

Fund Transfer
Fund Transfer to Commonwealth Bank account up until IDR 50,000,000 (or equivalent) per day. And to Other Bank account through Bersama and Prima ATM Network, up until IDR 25,000,000 (or equivalent) per day.

Bill Payment
Bill Payment facility and Pre-paid voucher purchase up until Rp 25,000,000 per day.


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Interest Rate Information
  • Exchange Rate Information
  • Information of last 5 (five) transactions (on the same month)

Commonwealth Bank ATM Card:

Banking services through other ATM Networks:

  • Free transaction fee for cash withdrawals and transfer transactions via ATM Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, Bersama and PRIMA/BCA
  • Less transaction fee for transaction through CBA Network such as cash withdrawal
  • Banking transaction such as cash withdrawal through Cirrus Network
  • Other Bank credit card payment using fund transfer method*

*Please contact the Bank of the issuing card for the payment through fund transfer method from ATM


  • Free of charge for Debit transaction through Prima/BCA Debit
  • Free of charge for Debit transaction through MAESTRO Debit


  • There are 2 types of ATM Cards available : Instant Card and Customized Card, free ATM Card annual fee
  • Free card issuance fee (for new opening account)
  • Supplement card are available for Joint OR account

Transaction Limit

Transaction limit through ATM
Minimum Transfer per Transaction IDR 10.000
Minimum Transfer per Transaction through ATM Bersama and ATM Prima/BCA IDR 50.000
Maximum daily cash withdrawal IDR 10.000.000 or equivalent
Maximum daily Purchase (Debit) through Maestro Network IDR 10.000.000 or equivalent
Maximum daily Internal Transfer IDR 50.000.000 or equivalent
Maximum daily Interbank Transfer through ATM Bersama and ATM Prima/BCA Network IDR 25.000.000
Maximum transfer per transaction through ATM Bersama IDR 25.000.000
Maximum transfer per transaction through ATM Prima IDR 10.000.000

*Limit for cash withdrawal is different for Purchase(Debit Limit)

Fees and Charges

ATM Commonwealth Bank Card Fees and Charges

Transaction limit through ATM
Annual Fee Free
Monthly Administration Fee Free
Card Issuance Fee (for first card issuance) Free
Card replacement fee (lost/broken) IDR 25.000
Additional Card IDR 25.000

Transaction fees in other Bank ATM Machine

  ATM Prima/BCA ATM Bersama ATM Cirrus CBA Link
Balance Inquiry IDR 4,000 IDR 4,000 IDR 5,000 -
Cash Withdrawal Free Free IDR 30,000* IDR 10,000
Cash Withdrawal (for AusStudent Account) Free Free IDR 30,000* Free
Fund Transfer Free Free - -

*Cash withdrawal through Cirrus ATM will use base currency of MasterCard (USD)
- If the currency of default account is AUD/IDR/SGD/CNY, the conversion will be processed AUD/IDR/SGD/CNY → USD → Local currency.
- If the currency of default account is USD, the conversion will be processed USD → Local currency.

Debit Transaction Fee

  Maestro Network (Electronic Fund Transfer at point of sale EFTPOS) Prima Debit Network
Debit/Purchase Free Free

Please be aware:

  1. Preferred network for any inquiries using Commonwealth Bank ATM card in other Bank's ATM machines bearing Cirrus, Prima and ATM Bersama logo will be determined by owners of ATM terminals. Consequently, the local network such as ATM Bersama or Prima network will be considered as default.
  2. Any of transaction inquiry will be using customer/card holder's default account

Other Bank ATM card:

Banking services through Commonwealth Bank ATM:

  • ATM card with Bersama/Prima/ATM BCA logo can perform Banking transactions such as balance Inquiry, Cash Withdrawal and Transfer
  • ATM card CBA/Cirrus/Visa/Visa Plus logo can perform Banking transactions such as Cash Withdrawal

For further information please contact Call Commbank at (Code area) 5000 30 or (62-21) 2935 2935 for International Access.

Terms and Conditions apply
Customer is fully responsible for every transaction using ATM Card (including ATM PIN) and Bank is not responsible on every misuse of Customers’ ATM Card. Therefore Customer guarantee and discharge Bank for every claim and lawsuit that might arise from loss due to ATM Card usage.

Bill Payment

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